Wow. I’ve been away a while. Alot has happened since my last post.

I was essentially laid off — I had been “semi-laid-off”,  from full time to part time, and the part-time ended. I was ok with it, because I misunderstood the way that my employer meant to go forward. I understood that I’d continue to work with them on a regular basis, jsut instead of being a 20-hour-a-week employee, i’d be an average-20-hours-a-week-contractor. Well, I guess I was dead wrong, cos it’s been nearly a month and no movement on the contracting with them front. I’m dissapointed, not just for hte obvious financial reasons, but because I really did enjoy working with them.

It’s all good though. I think this is something I needed to get myself into the hustle. I’ve made a few more agency contacts and am really working the training thing. It’s scary as hell, but i’m doing it! I do love the face that I can take the dogs for a walk when the sun comes out, and work as early or late in the day as I like.  take Tueday off, Saturday work, etc.

I’ve been trying to walk every day. Either 2-3 miles with the girls or 30 minutes on the treadmill. I really need to get some of this weight off! I’ve started loosely counting points again…nothing so strict as before, but keeping a loose grasp on where I’m making missteps. 

Oh, my errors are in. Yay Magento.