Crochet Skills

Kind of simple and boring, so I put a flower clip on it. Because I didn't have a bird.

Since I’ve been doing s a few projects requiring crochet skills, I decided to brush up on them with a couple of simple projects using yarn I had “laying around”. I made this simple cap with mostly double and triple stitches, in the round, and some decreasing. I forgot the you should really start a cap at the top, so I kind of worked backwards, but it worked.

I’ve also discovered that Kitteh is very much a “ball of yarn” kind of kitteh. I will have to get photos of that as it is quite amusing. I know not to let her around the yarn unattended, though, and keep my projects in a box when I’m not around. I know too many people who have spent thousands getting yarn cut out of cat bellies.

Bridal Tulle (the fine gauge stuff) makes a good everyday scrubbie. For a tough scrubber, you'll want to use the coarser netting.

I also made another set of scrubbies from a roll of that bridal tulle I had laying around. This time, I got the “in the round” right and they are all a nice, flat circle about 4″ in diameter. It seems like one roll of bridal tulle, cut in half (that’s the PITA part) makes 5 of these almost exactly. Now I just need to learn to work the saw so I can cut the roll in half quickly!

The bag o’ bags

Oh my crochet skills are weak!

is complete! Towards the end of the project I was literally scrounging around the house looking for two more plastic bags! Something I was swimming in when I started.

If you are looking to upcycle a huge stash of bags in a somewhat useful way, this is a great project. All you need is:

  • A bunch of plastic “t-shirt” bags
  • Scissors (or cut with a straightedge and a rotary cutter, like I did)
  • A large crochet needle
  • Patience

You can find the basic directions for turning bags into “yarnhere. Here are a few project patterns. I kind of winged it.

My crochet skills were somewhat lacking when I started; aside from the scrubbies I made the other day I hadn’t crocheted in years. Nonetheless, I think it turned out ok. I would like to make another, so I’m putting out a call for plastic bags!

Egyptian Grocery Bags

While I was hunting down bags, I found these two from my trip to Egypt. I held them out because I really want to keep the printing on them. Maybe these are good for a fused project?

Too much tulle!

For some odd reason, I have a great deal of tulle laying around. Some is the kind that comes on bolts like fabric, buhave also have several spools of the 6″ wide bridal ribbon kind. I’m not entirely sure where these came from; they aren’t from my wedding. Anyway, I’m trying to use supplies I have in the house before Irun to the store, so I started hunting for tulle crafts.

I found this pattern for crocheted tulle scrubbies. I had one of these from a craft show, and it was great! Sadly, my crochet skills pretty much end at granny squares, so I ended up going in a slightly different direction. Here’s my new scrubby:


Nifty Knickers

Lace Knickers

Lace Knickers

A few months ago I bought some wide (6″) stretch lace “trim” from Sew Sassy Fabrics. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but I found that it does make some very easy panties! [Read more…]

Fleece Socks

Fleece Socks!

Fleece Socks!

This has got to be my favorite and most repeated project in a long long time. I made everyone on my list these warm, cozy socks for holiday gifts. Here are some of the reasons why this is an awesome project:

  1. You can make it with a standard sewing machine; no serger needed! You could probably even hand-stitch pretty easily if you are adept at whipstitch. I did make these once with a serger and found the seams invasive. A medium to large zig-zag stitch makes a much more comfortable seam.
  2. This is definitely a remnant project. You need about 1/2 yard length of polar fleece for 2-3 pairs of socks, and that’s only for the long front portion. Since fleece remnants at JoAnns are usually 50% off whatever the current fleece price is, you can get these really cheap when fleece is on sale!
  3. It’s also a great way to use those weird pieces left over after making pants and dolman-sleeve tops.
  4. This is a sew in one hour project once you’ve drafted the pattern pieces. I’ve made so many that I usually whip a pair out in 30 minutes now.

Local craftiness.

Those of you who know me know I love to craft. Sewing, making, etc. are all big parts of my lifestyle. I probably spend the most of my “fun money” at Michaels, Joann, and Hancock. All national chains. All pretty much the choices available for the stuff I need.

So today I start an adventure where I look for some items I need for a couple of craft ideas at a local shop: Cappels. Best known for costuming, they do have a variety of craft supplies, so here’s hoping I can get what I want. Of course if I can’t get it local in a reasonable way, I am ok with going to national chains, but I’m trying to make it more of a last resort.


I started Video Blogging yesterday, thinking that this might just get me to do my face/hair when I get up in the morning!


Those who know me know that I’ve long been addicted to “squirrels” — add-on hairpieces that make it easy to style your hair quickly, and in less-than-ideal conditions (camping!) Around Halloween, I needed to get serious wigging going on, and didn’t have time to go online, so I went to my local Beauty Supply Store (Emporium, actually, this place is as big as a supermarket!), got a great wig and a good price, and pretty much fell in.

The wig turned out so well that I wore it a few times after Halloween, even though it was obvious to anyone who knew me because the color was so different. But it was fun. And easy. I bought a couple more wigs, and have one that I wear almost every day now.

So me being me, I started exploring on YouTube and shopping hair sites online and I’ve learned a bunch and am trying my hand at making my own wigs from track weave. Hey, it’s a start, and I’ll try just about anything once. One more crazy hobby to occupy my time. Sigh.

Denim trousers complete!

I finished these up in very little time, even though I made a few dumb mistakes (as usual) with the waistband. I don’t know why, but I always seem to sew those waist pieces together wrong the first time. I had thought I’d make a few changes, but I left them pretty much as I had made them before, adding a zipper guard (this of course contributed to the waistband mix ups.)

Today I cleaned up the sewing room and made Kris a pair of slippers. I hope they fit!

Considering denim trousers

huge stash of fabric

huge stash of fabric

One of the things I’ve being doing since I’ve been working for myself is catching up on my sewing when things are slow. I have a huge stash of fabric in our guest room, and tons of patterns, so it’s been a great chance to make some new things for myself without having to spend a dime.

I recently made myself a pair of trousers using Vogue 8547, which I frakked up pretty good during the making and had to completely take apart and re-draft all my alterations. Of course, now they are fixed and fit well and I love them, I want to make another pair from this pattern. No sense in letting all that fitting stress go to waste on one pair of trousers!

So, I pulled some stretch denim from my stash and am considering making essentially the same pant, but with a few style alterations. I am thinking I will add a “change pocket” hidden at the right front near at the waistband seam, back patch pockets, and a zipper guard on the fly! (Yow! Don’t wanna get caught in a brass jeans zipper!)