A choice

The person who wrote this is a member of my family of choice, and while I knew that this was a part of her history, I wasn’t cognizant of just how emotionally draining the concept of “domestic abuse” is. I’ve never been physically abused by a man, although one did hit me once. Once. I am lucky.

I hope that anyone who reads this and sees herself (or himself!) in it finds the strength to find help.

 I’m lying, gut crumpled on the kitchen floor in a dingy two-room apartment in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Stupidly, I remember that I washed and waxed that cracked linoleum this morning.  I see a spot I must have missed over there…right past the blood streaming from my nose.  It’s hard to breathe.  I snort.  Blood sprays.  My head pounds.  I think I connected with the chipped refrigerator door twice.  I’m not sure about that.  I’m dizzy.  He rears up and kicks me, laughing.  Profanity.  From him.  Lots of it.

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Cody has been found!

We are pleased to announce that Dekota (Cody) Tegtmeier was found at his father’s house on 7-17 was detained, is now safe and in protective custody. At the request of my legal team, I am unable to disclose more details than that. When the ink on the papers is dry, we will update this page. Here is to healing and a bright future for my son and our entire family. Thank you to everyone who helped in our quest to find Cody.

Please help find Dakota!

5/18/2012: MISSING TEEN ALERT: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- Dakota Tegtmeier (16) has been missing from the Penn Manor area since 5/14/2012. He is 5'7" and weighs 135 pounds. His hair is long and black and his eyes are brown. He has an eyebrow ring. He may have been wearing a black hoodie and a black cap. If you see Dakota, please call Manor Township Police Department at (717) 299-5231 or dial 911. SOURCE: Posted by request of Dakota's family


PLEASE help us find this kid. I know him personally. His mother is a dear friend of mine and she is living through hell not knowing where her kid is! Repost, pass it on!

He WILL be found! So Mote It Be!


I’ve only made one resolution for 2012, and already I’m struggling with it. That resolution:

To bring more of my money into the local economy by choosing locally owned and operated businesses over big box, chains, and huge internet providers whenever reasonable.

Wow. Kind of a mouthful. So, Day 1: massive fail. Spent $$ at JoAnns (national chain) and (ugh) WalMart (national evil). Partly convenience factor, partly getting things I can’t seem to find anywhere else. Day 2: Shopped online, but did not purchase. I think my choices for some of this stuff would be very limited if I went with a local retailer, so…

Day 3: Finally, some progress. Made an appointment with a local eye doctor for an exam to purchase contacts. I’m moving over from Sam’s club. It is costing significantly more, but the money stays in Cincinnati, right?

Long Time

Apparently, I am a Bad Blogger. I haven’t posted here in so long that my life has changed dramatically. You can read more about that here.

I’m in the process of moving a number of sites to new servers, and I remembered this one. I was wanting to have a general blog…I forgot I had one! Anyway, I welcome myself back to blogging.

Hoodie hairdryer

I used to be one of those people who needed a shower to wake up in the morning. But lately, I find myself showering before bed mire and more often. Especially on shampoo days. I blame it on the hoodie hairdryer.

Yes, yes, it’s true. Now, my hoodie is not the same old giant box with a tube and a snap-on cap that mama had in 1973. Mine is high powered, lightweight, one piece that hangs comfortably around my neck while I read, watch videos on my iPhone, or write a blog post! I got it at Sally’s a couple tears ago during my roller-set craze, and it’s holding up well.

It does take a bit longer than a regular blow-out, but the indirect heat seems to do less damage to my hair (of course I give it a good spritz with heat protector first!) and on a chillywinter night it’s much cozier! Ifind that I can get very nearly blow-out results by “wrapping” my hair before drying, or a light wave by giving it a good combing out first. (Since I’m not really wearing my hair out these days, that’s all kind of moot, but useful to know.)

So I know it might seem a little old lady of me, but I am pro- hoodie hairdryer!