Even more resolved

Resolution #2:

Eat Breakfast.

I good full well that this is a key to maintaining a healthy weight (which I am still working towards!) and staying energetic throughout the day. Even if it’s only a little yogurt or a cup of cereal, I will have some kind of breakfast.

Product Review: Lacura Lip Gloss

I haven’t blogged in a hot minute because I have been so *busy* (making blogs for other people! lol!) Yesterday I took a little time out to get some grocery shopping done and I felt like making a little splurge on myself, so I bought a few items from the Lacura line at Aldi.

Lacura is the “house brand” of beauty products for Aldi supermarkets, which is an unusual chain in and of itself. I’ve been using the Lacura facial wash and night cream for some time and am quite happy with them. However, I had not tried any of the cosmetic products before now.

I purchased three of the lip glosses for $2.49 ea. Considering I usually spend $6-12 on a lip gloss, this seemed like a decent deal even if they were no good (and with Aldi’s double guarantee, I didn’t see a downside.) The shades I purchased are soft shimmer, gold shimmer and soft brown.

First impressions:

  • There is a lot of packaging going on here. These could surely be packaged much more simply. I suppose the package is designed to give the impression of luxury, but let’s face it, I’m buying it at a discount store for less than $5….
  • Size is generous for the cost, but the product is small enough to slip into a pocket or a car cubby.
  • Has a slight fragrance that for some reason smells “waxy” to me.


  • As I expected, pigmentation is not heavy.
  • Soft brown appears as a deep burgundy-brown in the tube, but goes on glossy with a hint of color. The shade is “natural” yet rich.
  • Soft shimmer is practically clear with a very subtle shimmer. I will probably use this mostly over lipstick.
  • I expect gold shimmer will be my go-to gloss. It has a very soft hint of color, just enough to even out lip tone, and a subtle shimmer.
  • All three shades have good pay-off in the gloss department. Although they are all “shimmer” shades, they are much more gloss than shimmer.


  • Not sticky, glides on smoothly. It’s easier to use too little than to apply too much.
  • I got 2-3 hours of (not eating/drinking) wear out of my first application.

For $2.49, this is a good deal for the money, especially if you favor earth tones. I do hope that Aldi expands this line and adds a wider selection of colors over time!

Yes, it’s a wig. And yes, it’s my hair.

I paid for it. It’s mine.

My dreams > James Cameron

I have a recurring Billy Madison theme in my dreams that puts me back in grade school or highschool older and wiser. last nights dream had an interesting twist. About halfway through the graduation ceremony, we were attacked by robots! I kissed a boy I had gone to grade school with “just in case” before I went off to battle the evil robots. I was precient in the dream, so I knew we’d see each other again, but I wanted to be sure. the robots were awesome! my alarm clock is not.

Easing in

I’ve let some of my good habits and routines go over the last few months, and I’ve decided to ease back into it. So my usual schedule is to get up and start working, then about midday, break for a little workout, lunch, shower, then back to work. So today I started with one of the 10-minute workouts on my QuickFix Video. Dang. I’m out of shape.

Two wigs, no waiting

Ok, so I bought a wig on a whim. It turned out to be great. So I bought another one from the same series…life is so unpredictable.

Trying to review

Well, I’m still getting the hang of this video thing, but it is what it is.

Happy Hour

Snowed in on my Anniversary!

Order in!

I received my order from blackhairspray.com today! Three new wigs, and a minor disappointment. I had ordered some products to get my cart up to $70 for the free shipping (I hadn’t been far from it.), but all the non-wig products that I purchased got screwed up. It seems that two products were swapped for similar (but definitely not the same) products, and one was left out entirely. These were all items I can easily pick up at the local BSS, so the availability is not an issue, but I wonder what happened!

I hope to post reviews of my new wigs over the next week or two.