The bag o’ bags

Oh my crochet skills are weak!

is complete! Towards the end of the project I was literally scrounging around the house looking for two more plastic bags! Something I was swimming in when I started.

If you are looking to upcycle a huge stash of bags in a somewhat useful way, this is a great project. All you need is:

  • A bunch of plastic “t-shirt” bags
  • Scissors (or cut with a straightedge and a rotary cutter, like I did)
  • A large crochet needle
  • Patience

You can find the basic directions for turning bags into “yarnhere. Here are a few project patterns. I kind of winged it.

My crochet skills were somewhat lacking when I started; aside from the scrubbies I made the other day I hadn’t crocheted in years. Nonetheless, I think it turned out ok. I would like to make another, so I’m putting out a call for plastic bags!

Egyptian Grocery Bags

While I was hunting down bags, I found these two from my trip to Egypt. I held them out because I really want to keep the printing on them. Maybe these are good for a fused project?