Those who know me know that I’ve long been addicted to “squirrels” — add-on hairpieces that make it easy to style your hair quickly, and in less-than-ideal conditions (camping!) Around Halloween, I needed to get serious wigging going on, and didn’t have time to go online, so I went to my local Beauty Supply Store (Emporium, actually, this place is as big as a supermarket!), got a great wig and a good price, and pretty much fell in.

The wig turned out so well that I wore it a few times after Halloween, even though it was obvious to anyone who knew me because the color was so different. But it was fun. And easy. I bought a couple more wigs, and have one that I wear almost every day now.

So me being me, I started exploring on YouTube and shopping hair sites online and I’ve learned a bunch and am trying my hand at making my own wigs from track weave. Hey, it’s a start, and I’ll try just about anything once. One more crazy hobby to occupy my time. Sigh.