Back to Weight Watchers

I rejoined Weight Watchers about a week ago, the online version this time, and I’m pretty glad I did. the last time I did WW was 7 years ago. I lost over 115 lbs, and I felt great, but I got too skinny and WW still wanted me to lose more. I couldn’t. I got depressed and gave up.

WW has changed a lot since then. I was able to select my own goal weight (I chose a number that was usual for me my freshman year of college.), the points system is more flexible, I can eat all the fruit I can get my hands on (Green Bean Delivery keeps me in fruit!) and the tools on the online plan do make it easy for me to track. I’ve been cooking more. Making my own tortillas (more experiments on that to come), creating chicken-based alternatives to my usual pork sausage/beef taco meat. It’s all new again right now, so I’m not bored with it yet. I hope I can stick with it and not get frustrated this time.

One thing that is part of my diet these days is kombucha. I did a post on it a while back; my first experiments didn’t go so well. I have a system now. My SCOBY is nice and thick, and I am able to brew up a batch of about 2L every other week. I’ve found that adding a little POM juice before the second ferment makes a really tasty “soda”. I do my second ferment in 1L mason jars in the pantry. Works marvelously!

Today is the last day of 2012. Better than 2011 for me, but I am ready to let it go. 2013 should be amazing. I’m turning 40 (30), I’m going to be getting the house ready for my move to the west coast in 2014, I’m going to be busier and healthier than I’ve been in a long time. Happy New Year!