Hulu goes Subscription

My Twitter feed was alive with warnings of the “End of Hulu!” yesterday. I read the story on Gizmodo, and I’m thinking to myself that Hulu left it’s “glory Days” behind when they started limiting the availability of content so much. Assuming that this means residuals are going to the writers, actors and production crews for these shows, I’d pay for Hulu under the right conditions, which are:

  1. The “pay” is a subscription. No more than $5/month and a discount for buying a multi-month or annual subscription at once.
  2. The content isn’t limited to the “last 5 episodes” or any of that nonsense. If I get into a broadcast show halfway through the second season, I want to be able to go back and watch the first season through my Hulu subscription.
  3. The content isn’t on a massive delay like House is now. I have to wait a week to “catch up” to my friends around the watercooler.
  4. No commercials. If I’m paying for the content, I don’t want to see commercials.
  5. Ability to download would be nice, but it’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t need to store all that content on my servers when Hulu does it for me (see #2).