Hoodie hairdryer

I used to be one of those people who needed a shower to wake up in the morning. But lately, I find myself showering before bed mire and more often. Especially on shampoo days. I blame it on the hoodie hairdryer.

Yes, yes, it’s true. Now, my hoodie is not the same old giant box with a tube and a snap-on cap that mama had in 1973. Mine is high powered, lightweight, one piece that hangs comfortably around my neck while I read, watch videos on my iPhone, or write a blog post! I got it at Sally’s a couple tears ago during my roller-set craze, and it’s holding up well.

It does take a bit longer than a regular blow-out, but the indirect heat seems to do less damage to my hair (of course I give it a good spritz with heat protector first!) and on a chillywinter night it’s much cozier! Ifind that I can get very nearly blow-out results by “wrapping” my hair before drying, or a light wave by giving it a good combing out first. (Since I’m not really wearing my hair out these days, that’s all kind of moot, but useful to know.)

So I know it might seem a little old lady of me, but I am pro- hoodie hairdryer!