I’ve only made one resolution for 2012, and already I’m struggling with it. That resolution:

To bring more of my money into the local economy by choosing locally owned and operated businesses over big box, chains, and huge internet providers whenever reasonable.

Wow. Kind of a mouthful. So, Day 1: massive fail. Spent $$ at JoAnns (national chain) and (ugh) WalMart (national evil). Partly convenience factor, partly getting things I can’t seem to find anywhere else. Day 2: Shopped online, but did not purchase. I think my choices for some of this stuff would be very limited if I went with a local retailer, so…

Day 3: Finally, some progress. Made an appointment with a local eye doctor for an exam to purchase contacts. I’m moving over from Sam’s club. It is costing significantly more, but the money stays in Cincinnati, right?