Bad HPs

I gave my group an assignment for the month of October: set aside your other homework and for one month, jsut meditate every day (or attempt to) for 10 minutes and journal. Back to basics. And I was the first failure!

The assignment was given on Friday night with Saturday meant to be the first day. Since I had Yoga class on Saturday morning and Shalini always builds in a nice “sit time of ten minutes or more at hte end, I did get my chance to breathe, but I forgot to journal. So today I am journaling (personal blogging?) and making amends.

I did get to sit today. I had to schedule it in, as I am mondo busy. I went to the Craft room, looked at the mess, and resisted the urge to put off sitting and start organizing. I lit a small candle and turned off the lights, and the clutter faded into the background. I got as comfy as I could on the sofa and set my timer for 11 minutes (knowing full well it’s going to take me at LEAST a minute to find a “spot”. The timer went off jsut as I was settling into my groove, of course, only counting my breaths and having momentarily let go of all the other “stuff”.

I feel like I’ve been running uphill with the backlog of work, the clients I have to call back….the people I *wish* I had ideas for and I just don’t! This month is looking pretty booked already and it’s just starting. It’s a great problem to have, but it’s also October…the Halloween party is fast approaching and I know I’ve got to get on the stick with that!

I’m going to try to carve out 2-3 hours each day this week to work on my costume. I can probably get done y Friday, but I’m going to have to tell Kris he needs to take some intative and look for his stuff solo. All he needs is a gaudy suit. Shouldn’t be too hard.