Guided Meditation

I am in the process of loading up my iPhone with Meditation MP3s from CDs I’ve collected over the years. I forget sometimes how soothing it can be to have a soft, gentle voice guide you through simple breathing. I think when things get really crazy, it’s good to have that help.

Someone asked about how I prefer to meditate: siting, laying down, etc. I can go both ways, but I’ve found that if I try to meditate BEFORE sleeping, in bed, I just doze off. Seated on the bed, or laying prone on a mat or the carpet works fine for me. One of my favorite laying down positions is “legs up a wall”, a popular restorative in Anusara Yoga.

Storms are abrewing and the natives are getting restless. Likely I’ll be sitting with pups in my lap this evening. The MP3s should help.