Its the journaling thats tricky.

I’d not expexcted the journaling to be the sticky bit for me, but there you have it. It kind of sucks to pull myself back into the world to journal after meditating, so I’m going to before. The last few nights I’ve been using guided meditations mostly becaue I have a bunch of them ive never tried! The one last night as interesting -it used balls of light energy projected for healing, then had a relaxation phase. I felt a little like it was trying to do too much, but I did get into it.

I was. Bit suprized yesterday (but also not…it’s an odd sensation). When one of the 101 students dropped the course. I’m Lways curious as to what causes those decisions. The system is very mch set up to be self filtering, so it’s unlikely I’d change anything, but still…curious.